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How to see the downloads of the setup? When I download it, it opens in word and i cant understand what its talking about.. Show more

50,000 unique drivers and How to: account video

Today marks a special day for the BrotherOps family. Today is the day we achieved fifty thousand individual guests to our servers. 50,000 In less then 9 months. O.o With 6000 visits this month alone. As well as here on discord the community continues to grow with more then 580 members at this moment. The BrotherOps race league continues to grow closer to being a reality thanks to the hard work of @Deathproof as well as a a big shout out to @Nash_Bobo for his continued coverage and documentation in an absolutely beautiful manner. Your growth has been amazing to watch. As well as To all of our staff, members, drivers, guests, and everyone and anyone who enjoys what we do. Thank you all so much for your support! We could not have done any of this without each and every one of you! We look forward to updating this at the 75,000 user mark. Much love, from your brothers and sisters at BrotherOps. While we have y'alls attention, for anyone having issues verifying your account on bro.. Show more

New website and open for content creators

You might have noticed our brand new website launched! We had to delete all accounts, so you'll need to sign up again. Sorry about that! All old features remain and we've added some new features as well. You can now check the practice, qualifying and race results after all sessions have ended. Your own timings are highlighted when you have a BrotherOps account and you're signed in. But there's more! We've made sharing and finding a car setup simple. You can filter by car, track/layout, author as well as publish date, fastest lap or highest rating on our website. To share your setup with our community you will have to create an account first.

We are developing a lot of Soon™ features. After the launch of our website we will focus on rebuilding the admin tool of our RaceRoom server. Once we have a solid base that is confirmed by RaceRoom, we can start developing ne.. Show more

The ban hammer lives and quick race server

At last, the week draws closer to its much-anticipated end!
For the last month, loads of time and effort were invested in the development of almighty Thor's ban-hammer, and now, it is finally here.

The ban hammer is live, and we are not afraid to use it. So behave, be nice to the other kids, and you won't have to suffer the consequences of our hard work. ;)

On a more serious note: developing the ban hammer was fun, but using it isn't. We strongly believe i.. Show more

Dedicated RaceRoom Discord

After a few years of running our discord for friends and all kind of gamers we have met on the way, we now have made it a dedicated space for RaceRoom. Of course we do not intend to just say goodbye to our friends and close gamers. So we left a small space on the discord for other games as well. You can find it under the community category, #chit-chat and #other-games, as well as the BrotherOps Room voice-channel.
Some of you have received the special role, @Paddock Club. These selected few are the people close to us and those with which we have gamed a lot with on other games over the last few years. If we play other games and we are not in the public channels, these people can find us in the paddock club. You are always welcome to come and say "Howdy".
That being said, we want to introduce you to our BrotherOps.com Raceway Multiclass-Training-Server. The goal here is to learn and improve how to drive clean and fair, while having multiple different classes around you. Everyo.. Show more