New website and open for content creators

You might have noticed our brand new website launched! We had to delete all accounts, so you'll need to sign up again. Sorry about that! All old features remain and we've added some new features as well. You can now check the practice, qualifying and race results after all sessions have ended. Your own timings are highlighted when you have a BrotherOps account and you're signed in. But there's more! We've made sharing and finding a car setup simple. You can filter by car, track/layout, author as well as publish date, fastest lap or highest rating on our website. To share your setup with our community you will have to create an account first.

We are developing a lot of Soon™ features. After the launch of our website we will focus on rebuilding the admin tool of our RaceRoom server. Once we have a solid base that is confirmed by RaceRoom, we can start developing new features that will be present in the game. Just like our unique in-game @report function. On that note.. We want to improve other communities as well. Around the same time we will release an open-source version, so others can start using the in-game report function. As you can tell, we are kind of busy. But we also want to give the community some extra content. Therefore we are open for content creators to strengthen our staff. We are all volunteers and have a passion for racing, that is a must to become a staff member. You can contact us on our discord if you want to join. If you like our community and appreciate the effort we've put into it, a donation would help us make it bigger, better and louder! We've got many more plans in the future, but we can't do that without your support.
Posted by: Een Kip  - May 21, 2022
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