The ban hammer lives and quick race server

At last, the week draws closer to its much-anticipated end!
For the last month, loads of time and effort were invested in the development of almighty Thor's ban-hammer, and now, it is finally here.

The ban hammer is live, and we are not afraid to use it. So behave, be nice to the other kids, and you won't have to suffer the consequences of our hard work. ;)

On a more serious note: developing the ban hammer was fun, but using it isn't. We strongly believe in making our servers a safe space where both beginners and pros, Sunday drivers and F1-pilots, can drive and race to their heart's content. We do not look forward to taking that opportunity away from anyone, so please, be respectful, don't use harsh language, and take the other drivers into account while racing. This includes (re)joining the track safely, not playing bumper-cars, and respecting the track direction.
Additionally, there was another community-request that we've responded to. We launched the BrotherOps.com // Quick Track Rotation server. Note that this is not the race server we have in mind to develop. It's an extra something so you all can do some quick races already.
As the name suggests, a 30-minute (P-6m Q-10m R1-7m R2-7m), 5 track counting, quick rotation. With 1 rolling start race and 1 standing start race! Short, but packed with full-go racing. The complete flag rules are turned on, do respect them. And so is the damage, fuel and tire wear. Rule 1 for being fast, don't hit anything, just a tip.
Quick Track Rotation
Enjoy your weekend, and race on!
Posted by: Een Kip  - March 25, 2022
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