Our main server is the multiclass practice server on RaceRoom Raceway - Bridge. The goal there is to learn and improve how to drive clean and fair, while having multiple different classes around you. Everyone is welcome. From total beginners to everyday and experienced drivers. We all have to learn things in life and in this case, on track. We expect everybody to join our server with good intent and have respect for each other. Failure to follow the rules will result in a kick and extreme misbehaviour will result in a ban. Our rules are fair and are there to ensure everyone has a great time driving on our servers. If you've been struck by Thor's hammer you can find more information about it on the penalty list.

RaceRoom training rules:

1. Don't mess around

No wrecking, ramming or blocking, no wrong-way, no drifting or burn-outs, don't stand still on track.

2. Safe overtaking

Faster drivers need to overtake SAFELY (Do not hit others).

3. Safe re-join

If you went outside the track limits, re-join the track back SAFELY.

4. Pitlane exit

When exiting the pitlane stay on the left side and let drivers that are already in a lap overtake.

5. Blocking track

When blocking the track after a crash hold ESC to clear the track.

6. Have respect

Respect all drivers this means give people the chance to learn and help them. Also no toxic language.

7. Use the report

You can use @report in the in-game chat to notify us if misbehaviour is taking place.

8. Listen to staff

No arguing with staff and follow their instructions.
*Be aware there is another set of rules on the racing servers.

RaceRoom training, we advise you: #1. Turn on your virtual mirror. The default key-bind is set to 9 on keyboard otherwise you need to change it in the options menu. #2. Turn on the mini-map in options. This helps to see if people are around you when exiting the pitlane or re-joining the track. Another good tip, use CrewChief, it tells you when someone is close. And also has integration with OtterHud which provides a close-range radar. #3. Stick to your line. As faster drivers need to overtake safely, the best way to keep it safe for all is to stick to your line when someone is trying to overtake you. Not doing this could lead to blocking. #4. Show yourself in the mirror of the driver you want to overtake. Then they'll know you're there and you want to overtake them. #5. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast! Brake early to avoid overshooting the corner. A slow entry and fast exit is way faster then reversed. #6. RaceRoom provides an option to save replays of races. If something happened you can send us the replay so we can make a better judgement.

RaceRoom help: Help I can't drive!? // Go to options -> controls -> key bindings and then set ignition AND starter on a key or button. How to change camera!? // Go to options -> controls -> key bindings and bind driving view. The server rules stay visible!? // Press brake or drive outside the pit.
*If you have any questions or issues you can contact us on our discord: https://discord.gg/wkgxujesqN.